Sunday, 26 April 2009

Review of the open mic night

Everyone in the pub has a smile on their face as they clap in time to the music and enjoy St Georges day. England’s national day is celebrated in fine style at the open mic night at the Mad Ferret pub in Preston.

The owners of the pub decorated the pub in the red and white of England and there was a St George’s flag on every wall of the small intimate venue.

The pub goers were treated to a feast of music from four bands and two female singers who each sang a solo. The audience really enjoyed the evening. Throughout the night everyone clapped to the beat of the songs and gave the singers lots of encouragement.

The audience certainly received value for money as the night’s entertainment was absolutely free and all that they had to pay for was their drinks. There were drinks promotions on specialist English beers in order so that the pub goers could have a good evening.

Everyone in the pub was very friendly and welcoming and this helped to make the night a thoroughly enjoyable one.

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